Foreclosure in a Time of Covid (On-Demand) (RETIRED)

Amidst national economic anxiety spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, many practitioners are considering the possibility that foreclosure filings will escalate in a manner not seen since the Great Recession. This lecture will examine a number of aspects of the current crisis as relates to future foreclosure filings, and will cover and explain the CARES act and how distressed homeowners may be entitled to certain protections under federal law. Next, the case will cover some developing jurisprudence in hot topics in foreclosure, including statutes of limitation, res judicata, and reciprocal fee awards. Lastly, the lecture will cover a survey of unique defenses and areas in which pinpointed, foreclosure-specific discovery can assist homeowners, and each attendee will receive a sizable form Request for Production that will help litigants and their attorneys attempt to develop their defenses.