Game Changing Innovations in the Virtual World (On-Demand)

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Attorneys will learn whether the pursuit of patents in the gaming world is one worth pursuing, what types of patents revolutionized this space, and be given drafting tips regarding the protection of gaming inventions.


  1. What Patents Cover in the Virtual World
    • Ideas for Games
    • Technical Improvements to Game Mechanics
    • Incremental Innovations
    • Aesthetic Designs on Graphical User Interfaces
  1. Patenting Games Internationally
    • Where to File
      • Manufacturers
      • Gaming Hotbeds
      • Large Economies
    • What to Include (Drafting Tips)
    • Overview on how to Mark Patented Products and Enforce Issued Patents


Gregory Lars Gunnerson, Esq.

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Gregory Lars Gunnerson, Esq.

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