Generation-Skipping Transfers and Form 709 (U.S. Gift (and GST) Tax Return) (On-Demand)

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This course provides an introduction to the important topics surrounding the generation-skipping transfer (“GST”) tax. Specifically, this course covers the following topics: GST tax rate and exemption; events triggering application of GST tax; and particular transfers that are excluded from GST tax. Practical planning techniques to use during life and after death will also be discussed. This course will conclude by overviewing how to report GSTs on Gift Tax Returns (Form 709).


  1. GST Tax Rate and Exemption
  2. Determining Skip and Non-Skip Persons
  3. Taxable Events: Direct and Indirect Skip Transactions, Distributions, and Terminations
  4. Exemptions and Exclusions
  5. Planning Techniques and Case Studies
  6. Post-Mortem GST Tactics
  7. Form 709 Overview and Practical Tips


Joseph W. Bukowski, Esq.

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Joseph W. Bukowski, Esq.

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