Grandparent Visitation: Evaluating Cases and Litigating to Obtain Relief for Grandparents and Parents (On-Demand)

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Family law practitioners frequently field requests for assistance from grandparents seeking visitation with grandchildren after a parent denies or limits contact with grandchildren.  These circumstances are often heartbreaking for the grandparent.  Also, parents may have questions about protecting their children from what they consider is an “overbearing” grandparent, and they need assistance in defending these claims.  This course will help guide attorneys and hopefully provide a roadmap for representing both sides in these increasingly common cases.


  1. History of parental rights vs. rights of other family members to intrude into the parent/child relationship and request visitation.
  2. Constitutional considerations.
  3. How does an attorney evaluate requests by grandparents for legal assistance in pursuing claims against parents for grandparent visitation?
  4. How does an attorney assist a parent in defending claims for grandparent visitation?
  5. What works and what doesn’t?
  6. Gathering evidence and presenting it to a court.
  7. Pre-litigation strategies that may be helpful.
  8. Constitutional challenges to grandparent visitation statutes and defenses to those claims.


David Canale, Esq.

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David Canale, Esq.

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