HIPAA 101: Data Breaches in Healthcare (On-Demand)

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Do you need a good grounding or a refresher course in the HIPAA Rules—specifically legal requirements for privacy, breach notification, security; implementation of those requirements; and enforcement of those requirements? This is the perfect course to help you understand how the HIPAA Rules are drafted, implemented, and enforced, the common issues that arise with employees and patients, and how to interact with regulators if you have a patient complaint or breach.


  1. HIPAA and the HITECH Act Statutory History
  2. HIPAA Rules: Privacy, Breach Notification, and Security
  3. Implementation of HIPAA Requirements
  4. Enforcement of HIPAA Rules by State and Federal Regulators
  5. Vendor Issues


Iliana Peters, Esq.

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Iliana Peters, Esq.

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