How the Internet Is Making Lawyering Worse and How to Stay Good in Spite of It (On-Demand)

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Internet based technologies, such as email, document management software, teleconferencing, and eDiscovery, for all their upsides, are in fact making it harder to do diligent lawyering. This course analyzes how technology has changed the way lawyers work and even think, and how some basic rules of evidence can no longer be followed. Due to professional pressures, we are forced into technologies we don’t need and forced to practice in sloppy ways where mistakes are more likely. We are increasingly surrounded by “dark matter”, case file materials or relevant evidence which cannot be accessed and which we may not even know exists. Strange as it might seem much of our time now is waiting for software to execute, time which we cannot devote to other matters. The presentation ends with simple suggestions on how to get the digital beast under control.


  1. How digital technology affects a lawyer’s activities and thought processes in subtle and unsubtle ways.
  2. Deficiencies that did not exist in the hard copy era but now are inevitable in today’s widely used technologies and platforms.
  3. Common mistakes that were not made before.
  4. Strategies a lawyer can use to contain a file’s universe.


Dan Schiavetta, Jr., Esq.

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Dan Schiavetta, Jr.

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