How to Build the Best Employee Handbook (On-Demand)

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In this practical webinar, you will learn how to craft a handbook of employee policies and procedures that will protect the rights of you and your employees.

When done right, employee handbooks are can be quite valuable. They provide your employees with important information about your company, its practices, the working environment, and more. Furthermore, they will help protect employers from a legal perspective by setting clear expectations and standards.

In addition, you will learn best practices surrounding how to develop and update your employee handbooks as well as helpful strategies and approaches for a more efficient process.


  1. Communicate expectations and policies to your employees.
  2. Ensure compliance with state and federal wage and hour laws.
  3. Learn how to respond and defend employee claims.
  4. Develop and implement procedures that reduce confusion and avoid lost employee time spent on Human Resources issues.


Cynthia Hackler Flynn, Esq.

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Cynthia Hackler Flynn, Esq.

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