How to Litigate a Special Education Case Under the IDEA (On-Demand)

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Special education is a hot topic in the legal industry, with more than 10,000 open cases in New York City alone. Now, more than ever, parents of children with special needs are becoming aware of their rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act as well as local and state laws which ensure that all students are entitled to a free appropriate public education.

The demand is there, but there are not enough attorneys to represent all of the families who are in need of representation. Moreover, this niche area of law is hard to break into. This course is designed for attorneys with no background in education who are interested in the practice of special education law. We will go over what to look for starting from the moment a potential client calls all the way into how to present your case at the hearing and how to appeal.


  1. What to look for in determining if a special education case is viable
  2. The different kinds of cases within the field
  3. What kinds of claims you can make, and what kinds of relief are available to you
  4. How to draft a due process complaint, otherwise known as an impartial hearing request
  5. How to prepare for your hearing, including what kinds of evidence to use and how to find the right witnesses
  6. What are the unique procedural quirks of education law, including how to request independent educational evaluations and what is “pendency”
  7. A brief look into the appellate process


Anthoula Vasiliou, Esq.

Mark Gutman, Esq.

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Anthoula Vasiliou, Esq., Mark Gutman, Esq.

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