Immigration Court Nuts and Bolts – Jurisdiction, Hearings, and Preparation (Retired)

What gives an Immigration Court power over a case?  What are the main hearings that occur in Immigration Court?  How do I prepare for these hearings? If these are questions you’re pondering, this is the course for you.  First, the presenter will cover the fundamental concept of jurisdiction. He will discuss, among other subtopics, what paperwork must be filed to establish jurisdiction, how an Immigration Judge can lose jurisdiction, and how advocates can challenge jurisdiction.  The second area explores the three main hearings that occur in Immigration Court: the master calendar hearing, the individual calendar hearing, and the custody redetermination hearing. Each hearing serves its own unique purpose, and the presenter will cover each in detail.  Finally, the presenter provides advice and suggestions for advocates on how to prepare for each type of hearing to ensure compliance with professional norms and to put their clients in the best possible position for success.