Immigration Law: From Start to Finish (On-Demand)

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This course aims to give the practitioner who is a new immigration lawyer, a volunteer attorney, or other practitioner needing an introduction to immigration the basic tools to help clients navigate a successful immigration benefit. It takes the form of offering an overview of immigration laws, examining the various immigrant visa types, a brief focus on non-immigrant visas, details on how to help clients navigate various immigration benefits, the impact of certain actions and closes with advice on how to help clients avoid specific pitfalls as they navigate the immigration labyrinth.


  1. Overview of immigration laws
  2. Main types of Immigration into the USA (check immigration statistics info)
  3. Non-Immigrant Visas
  4. Procedure to Obtain the Most Common Immigration Benefits
  5. Negative Consequences of Certain Actions for Immigrants
  6. Pitfalls to help Clients Avoid


Nadine C. Atkinson-Flowers, Esq.

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Nadine C. Atkinson-Flowers, Esq.

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