Impact DAOs: Shaping the Future of Regenerative Organizations (On-Demand)

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Impact DAOs offer an opportunity to redefine incentives and scale human coordination around new ideas of resources and the systems they comprise. Impact DAOs can have new combinations of cooperation, profit approaches, non-profit mechanisms, and new ideas of capital that haven’t been explored. We will provide insight into Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and the special case of Impact DAOs. We will discuss several governance strategies to provide a legal basis for such organizations to operate and manage the work of the members without a hierarchical system for direction. We will also touch on how the reports being issued by the government in response to the Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets will treat DAOs.


  1. Outline of Web3
  2. Outline of DAOs
  3. Detailed overview of Impact DAOs with several examples
  4. Overview of DAO governance issues
  5. Detailed overview of several governance structures including real examples from functioning Impact DAOs
  6. Overview of cooperative association and Secretariat models for DAOs
  7. Discussion of the findings of the government reports from the Executive Order
  8. A look at what legislation may look like in 2023


James R. Holbein, Esq. and Justin Holbein

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James R. Holbein, Esq., Justin Holbein

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