Indemnification and Ethics (On-Demand)

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A contractual indemnification provision should not be considered mere boilerplate. This risk allocation provision can be as important as price and other deal terms. This seminar will analyze the ethical implications that indemnity clauses you as counsel, your company, and potentially third parties. For example, who is liable if a person sues you as in-house counsel and/or your company – the company, you, a third party, or a combination? What are the respective ethical duties of counsel for the indemnitor, the indemnitee, and an attorney defending a third-party claim against the indemnitee?


  1. Best Ethical Use Scenarios
  2. Identifying the Client
  3. Scope of Indemnification
  4. Pertinent Conflict of Interest Scenarios
  5. Settlement Agreement Indemnification Clauses
  6. Other Ethical Considerations


Cari Sheehan, Esq.


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Cari Sheehan, Esq.

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