Intellectual Property for In-House Counsel (On-Demand)

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Whether your company is a multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer or a small local retailer, you have valuable intellectual property. From patents to trademarks to confidentiality agreements and the “know how” of your staff, you have important commercial differentiators that provide non-tangible value. But how do you protect, value, and utilize your intellectual property?

In this course directed to in-house general counsel and non-IP practitioners, we will discuss the various forms of intellectual property, how to obtain and protect it, and what practical steps you can take now before getting specialists involved.


  1. What is Intellectual Property?
  2. Patents
  3. Trademarks
  4. Copyright
  5. Trade Secrets
  6. Contracts
  7. Best Practices


Daniel E. Rose, Esq.

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Daniel E. Rose, Esq.

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