Intro into Sports Law in the 21st Century (On-Demand)

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This course will cover the practice of Sports Law and the principles of the practice area and the key aspects of it including the blending of amateur and professional sports, drug testing and issues in the Olympic world, NIL, professional sports franchises and commissioner powers (including stadium construction and relocation), collective bargaining issues, intellectual property rights and updates, antitrust issues, and the modern athlete business model.


  • Introduction
  • Amateur Sports v. Professional Sports
  • The Olympic Model
  • NCAA and NIL
  • Pro League Setup and Commissioner Powers
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Agent Representation
  • How the Money Works- Taxes and Pay
  • The Modern Athlete Business


  1. Introduction
  2. Amateur Sports v. Professional Sports
    • Amateur Sports Definition and Examples
    • Professional Sports Definition and Examples
    • The Middle Ground
    • The Legal Differences Between “Amateur” and “Professional” Sports.
      • Business Model
      • Organization
      • Employment
      • Duty of Leadership
      • Blurring the Lines
  3. The Olympic Model
    • Amateurs and Professionals
    • Funding
    • Dispute Resolution and Drug Testing
  4. NCAA and NIL
    • History of the “Amateurism” model
    • Opening the Door for NIL
    • NIL’s Infancy
  5. Pro League Setup & Commissioner Powers
    • Large Sports Leagues
    • Small/Startup Sports Leagues
    • “Best Interest” Clause
  6. Collective Bargaining
    • Battle between Employer and Labor
    • More than Money
      • Benefits
      • Travel
      • Schedule
      • Data Rights
  7. Unions are Diversifying
    • Investment Focus
    • Incubators
  8. Agent Representation
    • Agent vs. Advisor
    • The Fine Line of Collegiate Eligibility in Light of NIL
  9. How the Money Works – Taxes and Pay
    • The Jock Tax
    • Stadiums
    • Broadcasting
    • Other Revenue Streams for All
  10. The Modern Athlete Business


Brandon Leopoldus, Esq.

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Brandon Leopoldus, Esq.

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