Introduction to Government Contracting (On-Demand)

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Contracting with the Federal Government is not like a business deal between two companies or a contract between a consumer and a commercial contractor. Thus, advising a Government contractor is not like advising another business client. This course will explore those differences. Among other topics we will discuss the unique rights that the Government gives itself, what a contractor needs to know to protect itself, and what the risks are for a contractor that does not understand its legal obligations.


  • How is contracting with the Federal Government different from commercial contracting?
  • What are the major laws that govern government contracting?
  • What is the Federal Acquisition Regulation?
  • How does the Federal Government use contracting to accomplish its socio-economic agenda?
  • What are the risks to contractors that don’t understand their legal and contractual obligations?


  1. Major laws, regulations, and Executive Orders
  2. The Government’s unilateral powers
  3. The Federal Acquisition Regulation
  4. Procurement integrity
  5. Competition
  6. The source selection process
  7. Bid protests
  8. Small business issues
  9. Labor policies
  10. Costs
  11. Changes
  12. Terminations
  13. False claims


Shlomo Katz, Esq.

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Shlomo Katz, Esq.

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