Land Trusts Made Simple: The Cornerstone of Financial Security (On-Demand)

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Mr. Land Trust®, Randy Hughes, is a full-time real estate investor who bought his first rental house in 1969. After investing for ten years, Randy decided to learn more about how to protect his investments and not be a “target” for lawsuits.

Randy has used Land Trusts in his business for more than 50 years to control more than 200 houses and other real estate. He now says he will never again own real estate in his own personal name. Randy and his students have found it to be just too risky.

We welcome America’s number one expert on the use of Land Trusts for real estate investors, Mr. Land Trust®. This is his basic course that will teach you how to set up and administer your own Land Trusts for privacy, asset protection, and profit.


  1. What is a Land Trust?
  2. How Do You Create a Land Trust?
  3. Who are the Players?


Randy Hughes, Mr. Land Trust ®

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Randy Hughes

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