LLC Operating Agreements: A Better Understanding (On-Demand)

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An appropriate LLC agreement can help protect your client from future disputes and litigation. Gain a better understanding of what should be taken into consideration and what crucial provisions need to be included in your agreements to ensure a favorable outcome in settlement or court if member conflicts arise.


  1. Formation and Drafting: Articles and Operating Agreement
    • Types of LLCs
    • Steps to LLC Formation
    • The Basics of Articles of Organization
    • Ownership Interest Documentation
    • LLC Recordkeeping
    • Drafting Tips and Suggestions
  2. Management and Voting Provisions
    • Member Managed vs. Manager Managed
    • Manager Powers, Appointment, Resignation and Termination
    • Officers (If Desired)
    • Problems with Decision-Making in LLCs
  3. Transfer Restriction Issues, Right of First Refusal, Impasse (Put/Call), Capital Call and Dissolution Provisions
    • Limitations on Transfer
    • Rights of First Refusal and Rights of First Offer
    • Drag-Along, Come-Along Rights
    • Dissolution


Brandon Schwartz, Esq.

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Brandon Schwartz, Esq.

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