LLC vs. S-Corp: The Entity Selection Toolkit (On-Demand)

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This one-hour CLE will be a comparison of legal and tax implications of operating as an LLC vs. S-Corp.


  1. Entity Choice
    • What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?
    • What is an S-Corporation (S-Corp)?
  2. Contribution of Appreciation Property Tax Free
  3. Tax Free Distribution of Appreciated Property
  4. Special Allocations
  5. Tax Basis in Entity Borrowed Debt
  6. Own Subsidiaries
  7. Estate Planning and Gift Interests to Trusts
  8. What Increases the Owner’s Basis?
  9. NYC Taxes on Real Property Profits or Gain on Sale
  10. Ownership
  11. Tax Free Reorganization
  12. Step-up of Depreciable Assets at Death
  13. Capital Gains and Losses
  14. Sale of Assets
  15. Sale of Business Examples
  16. Entities at Death
  17. Comparison Chart


David DePinto, Esq.

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David DePinto, Esq.

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