Making the Case For Professional Credit Repair (On-Demand)

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In this course, we will expose who exactly benefits from bad or flawed consumer credit and who the laws and regulations really protect.  We will describe what a good credit profile should look like.  Data furnishers can sometimes behave recklessly, we will explain the motivation behind that.  We will identify some of the specific consumer credit laws and regulations that can be leveraged to help improve your clients’ credit profiles.  The course will provide a roadmap to follow to attain better credit.  I will give a comparison of Credit Repair vs Debt Consolidation and explain the difference in the services.  I will get into the dispute process to share with your clients who prefer a DIY credit repair approach over a paid professional service.  I will explain the cautions of authorized user accounts and lastly share consumer credit resources for reference and research purposes.    


  1. Who benefits from bad credit?
  2. What does good credit look like?
  3. Explain the conduct of data furnishers.
  4. Consumer credit laws and regulations.
  5. The road to better credit.
  6. Credit Repair vs Debt Consolidation.
  7. Explain the dispute process.
  8. Authorized user accounts: good or bad?
  9. Consumer credit resources


Timothy Sanders

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Timothy Sanders

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