Managing an AML Compliance Program (On-Demand)

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Each financial institution in the U.S. is required by law to have an effective anti-money laundering (AML) compliance program. Each program must be commensurate with the risks posed by the location, size, nature and volume of the financial services  During this webinar, we will go over, an understanding of AML and its implications, how and why management creates the tone, learn about internal controls and how to put the right structure in place, be able to be prepared for examinations and how to conduct yourself during an examination, understanding customer risk rating and the ongoing monitoring of each account.


  1. Overview of an AML Compliance Program
  2. Why it’s important
  3. Regulatory requirements
  4. Policies, procedures, risk assessments,
  5. Takeaways


Justin Muscolino

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Justin Muscolino

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