Mediation: How to Undertake a Mediation on Behalf of a Client and Essential Considerations About the Process (On-Demand)

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This one-hour course will cover the basics necessary for a lawyer to handle a matter in mediation. This is an essential course for anyone who has not had extensive experience in conducting a mediation, as well as a solid supplement for those more experienced in the area. The course will review the pros and cons to consider before advising a client to make use of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution, a detailed consideration of the various steps in the mediation process, and how best to prepare to assure a successful resolution. There will be substantial focus on the mechanics of the mediation process, including general sessions, caucuses, and the role of the mediator. The course also will discuss the means of selecting a mediator and what criteria one should seek in making this selection. Finally, the course will consider the differences between remote mediation and in person mediation, including the mechanics for a remote mediation.


  1. Review the pros and cons of mediation for your client and distinguish this process from arbitration or litigation.
  2. How to prepare to conduct a mediation on behalf of a client.
  3. Discuss best practices to maximize the opportunities in mediation, including remote mediation, and toward achieving a satisfactory resolution of the dispute.


Robert Jossen, Esq.

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Robert Jossen, Esq.

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