Microsoft 365- Its Value Proposition for Lawyers and The Included Useful Applications Most Subscribers Aren’t Even Using (On-Demand)

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Microsoft 365 offers a compelling combination of local software, document/email management and cloud services. In other words, it’s far more than Word, Outlook and Excel. Even if you already subscribe to Microsoft 365, there are dozens of extra applications that come with it you could be using (which we’ll explain). Learn how it works, what it does best, the different plans available, how to determine which plan you might have now (many subscribers don’t know), and which plans are best for most legal users.


  1. What Microsoft 365 (hereinafter “M365”) is good for (why it is a logical choice for most law offices)
  2. Differences between the various M365 business plans
  3. How to install the desktop apps and access the web apps
  4. M365 security
  5. Versions of Microsoft Office (and Windows) which are no longer supported and legal users shouldn’t be using
  6. M365 dashboard
  7. Explanation and breakdown of the included apps which are useful for lawyers such as Bookings, Forms, Teams, ToDo, Lists, Planner, Project, SharePoint


Barron K. Henley, Esq.

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Barron K. Henley, Esq.

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