Microsoft Excel for Legal Users (On-Demand)

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If you have Microsoft Office, then you have Excel. However, if you are like most lawyers, you’re either underutilizing Excel or not using it at all. In this seminar, we start with the basics and work our way up from there. You’ll learn powerful ways that Excel can improve your work product and make your life easier. This class assumes no preexisting knowledge about Excel – we start with the basics and move on from there with practical, law office examples.


  1. We’ll cover how to produce flawless fiduciary accountings, amortization schedules, real estate closing statements, disbursement schedules, medical bill summaries, and graphical representations of data (pie charts, bar graphs, etc.).
  2. Learn how to use Excel as a list manager and data source for mail merge functions (quickly creating hundreds of letters or labels in Word from a list of names and addresses in Excel).
  3. We’ll also cover many useful formulas for use with dates, numbers, text, and logic (IF THEN).


Barron K. Henley

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Barron K. Henley, Esq.

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