Military Liens: Camp LeJeune and Beyond (On-Demand)

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Healthcare reimbursement obligations asserted by the Office of Veterans Affairs, Tricare, and the various branches of the military are among the least understood of “lien” issues confronting today’s trial attorney. With the massive Camp LeJeune litigation pending coming to terms with the obligations, duties, and procedures for how best to identify, obtain, and resolve these repayment obligations is becoming increasingly more pressing for the trial bar. Additionally, the COVID pandemic has set back many of the JAG offices who are responsible for resolving these matters for the government, which is causing significant delays in obtaining information or resolving claims. This seminar will help the trial bar understand their client’s obligations regarding the government’s interest and how to overcome many of the obstacles that prevent timely resolution.


  1. The Attorney Agreement to Protect the Government Interests letter. Should I sign?
  2. What forms do I need and where do I get them?
  3. What are my client’s obligations to the government?
  4. What issues will VA & Tricare present in my Camp LeJeune cases?


David Place, Esq.

John V. Cattie, Jr., Esq.

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David Place, Esq., John V. Cattie, Jr., Esq.

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