Military Pension Division: Route 1408 (On-Demand)

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Dividing a military pension can be a daunting task. What is divisible — gross pension, or only “disposable retired pay? How do you calculate disposable retired pay? When a servicemember is sued for pension division in another state, how can that court acquire jurisdiction over him? Can or should the member request a stay under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act? How does one get a garnishment for the pension? All these and more are covered in this presentation.


  1. Pension division jurisdiction
  2. Types of pension division awards
  3. Garnishment rule
  4. Documents to divide pension
  5. Submission process
  6. CRDP and CRSC
  7. Frozen Benefit Rule
  8. High-3
  9. Reserve component retirement
  10. Howell and indemnification


Vanessa Puhak, Esq. and Kristopher J. Hilscher, Esq.

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Kristopher J. Hilscher, Esq., Vanessa Puhak, Esq.

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