New York's Achieve Pay Equity Act (On-Demand)

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The New York Achieve Pay Equity Act (“Act”) took effect three years ago and is one of the most robust pay equity laws in the nation. The law mandates equal pay among all employees who perform “substantially similar work” and covers all protected classifications (gender, race, ethnicity, etc.), not just sex. Additionally, the Act includes a salary history ban that prohibits employers from asking applicants or current employees for their wage or salary history. Presented by Kathleen McLeod Caminiti, co-chair of Fisher Phillips’ Pay Equity practice, this program explores the New York’s Achieve Pay Equity Act and provides an in-depth review of the essential aspects of this important employment law.


  1. Fundamentals of New York ‘s Achieve Pay Equity Act (“Act”)
  2. Review of the scope of New York’s pay equity law in terms of protected classifications and the geographical reach of law.
  3. Scope and ramifications of the Salary History Ban
  4. Litigation and enforcement actions under the Act.
  5. Compliance challenges and opportunities


Kathleen McLeod Caminiti, Esq.

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Kathleen McLeod Caminiti, Esq

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