Nursing Home Injuries: Proving Negligent, Reckless, or Intentional Understaffing and Inadequate Training and Supervision (On-Demand)

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Staffing is the core of care in nursing homes. Having the right number of staff with the appropriate competencies is the key to keeping residents safe and well cared for. This is common sense, and everyone knows it including facility staff, the resident’s families, the government, and nursing home companies and owners.

Staffing is also the biggest expense in a nursing home. When looking to boost profits, many facilities cut staffing at the expense of resident care, knowing it will cause serious problems. Nursing home cases are not medical malpractice cases. They are more often corporate malfeasance cases.

Understanding the data and evidence is necessary to expose these companies and get to the truth of what happened to the resident.


  1. The Importance of Staffing
  2. What Do We Mean By “Understaffing?”
  3. The Family
  4. Federal Staffing Requirements
  5. State Staffing Requirements
  6. Causes of Understaffing
  7. Staffing Data
  8. Identifying Proper Defendants


Michael Brusca, Esq.

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Michael Brusca, Esq

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