OSHA Continues to Enforce COVID-19 Compliance with New Rules and Guidance (On-Demand)

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In Early June 2021, OSHA issued new guidance as it relates to all employers’ efforts to protect their unvaccinated workers from COVID-19. While recognizing that most vaccinated employees no longer need protection with the various safety controls, OSHA’s focus on protecting the unvaccinated workplace may create challenges for employers managing work settings with both vaccinated and unvaccinated employees. OSHA also issued a new regulation – an emergency temporary standard – making many aspects of COVID-19 protections mandatory for healthcare settings.


  • Understanding how the new guidance instructs an employer’s legal obligation to continue to protect unvaccinated workers.
  • Briefly explore the requirements on healthcare settings under the new emergency regulation.
  • Study the trends in OSHA COVID-19 enforcement.
  • Review differences in state OSHA programs as compared to federal ones.
  • Examine what may be in store for employers with COVID-19 beyond the Summer of 2021.


  1. The Role of Employers in All Workplaces
  2. The Role of Employers in Higher Risk Settings
  3. The New OSHA ETS on Healthcare


Matthew Deffebach, Esq.

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Matthew Deffebach, Esq.

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