Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Unconscious Biases that Disproportionately Impact Remote Colleagues (On-Demand)

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Good, well-intentioned people unwittingly engage in actions that can cause others to feel excluded, especially when they are participating remotely. Proximity biases are types of cognitive biases that involve unintentional exclusion of colleagues because they are “out of sight, out of mind.” Attend this workshop to learn more about these biases and how they will likely become more prevalent in the hybrid work environment. Participants will also learn about potential solutions created by practicing attorneys to combat proximity biases.


  1. Impact of hybrid work environments on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts
  2. Covering and code-switching in the workplace
  3. Proximity biases
    • Presence disparity
    • Location bias
    • Face-time bias
  4. Suggested tactics for interrupting proximity biases



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Kathleen B. Nalty, Esq.

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