Part 1 of 2: Handling your First DUI (Specific Examples Related to Florida Law) (On-Demand)

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Today’s webinar is going to be broken up into two sessions, Initial Client Interview followed by How to Issue Spot and Work a DUI Case Pre-Trial. 

Session one with Attorney Manny Serra-Jovenich is about information gathering in client interviews for a great defense in court. It emphasizes the importance of educating clients on the law and the court, setting realistic expectations, and discussing the DMV 10-day rule which provides a free deposition.

Session two with Board Certified Criminal Defense Trial Attorney Susan Lawson is about how to issue spot and work a DUI case pre-trial. It mentions several pieces of evidence that need to be gathered, including the police report and narratives, traffic tickets, DMV driving record, medical reports if available, breath test results along with the agency inspection form, urine/blood test results, and an expert witness who will testify about them.


  1. Session One- Initial Client Interview
    • Information Gathering – the key to a great defense.
    • Providing Education – on the law and the court
    • Setting Expectations – No guarantees but…
    • Discussing the DMV 10-day Rule – free deposition!
  2. Session Two- How to Issue Spot and Work a DUI Case Pre-Trial
    • Reviewing (and gathering) discovery:
        • PC and Narratives
        • Tickets
        • DMV driving record
        • Medical reports (if any)
        • Breath results (if any) along with Agency Inspection Form
        • Urine/Blood (if any) PLUS expert must be listed who will testify


Manny Serra-Jovenich, Esq.

Susan Lawson, Esq.

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Manny Serra-Jovenich, Esq., Susan Lawson, Esq.

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