Part 2 of 2: Handling your First DUI (Specific Examples Related to Florida Law) (On-Demand)

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Today’s webinar is going to be broken up into two sessions, The Basics of DUI Science and SFSE’s followed by The DUI Trial Experience.

Session one (session three in the sequence) with Founder & CEO of Rossen Law Firm, Attorney Adam Rossen. He will discuss the sciences and breakdown of the standard field sobriety exercises (SFSE), the breathalyzer, and urine and blood samples. Adam will take you through why they do these tests as well as how to beat them in court as a criminal defense attorney.

Session two (session four in the sequence) with Attorney Scott Simmons is about DUI Trial Experience. He will be going over theme, motions in limine, jury selection, cross examination, judgment of acquittal, client testifying, and closing arguments.


  1. Session One- The Basics of DUI Science and SFSE’s
    • SFSE
    • Breakdown of the breathalyzer
    • Breakdown of urine and blood samples
  2. Session Two- The DUI Trial Experience
    • Theme
    • Motions in Limine
    • Jury Selection
    • Cross Examination
    • Judgment of Acquittal
    • Client Testifying
    • Closing Argument


Adam Rossen, Esq.

Scott Simmons, Esq.

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Adam Rossen, Esq., Scott Simmons, Esq.

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