Planning Under the Secure Act and Retirement Plan Trusts (On-Demand)

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Comprehensive review of the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act of 2019, new rules, regulations, and defined terms. The presentation will highlight hidden traps, how to pro-actively mitigate adverse tax consequences of qualified retirement plans and individual retirement accounts, and review prohibited transactions that could disqualify qualified retirements plans and individual retirement accounts from tax deferral and potentially result in immediate taxation.


  1. What is the Secure Act
  2. Compare and contrast old Stretch IRA Rules with Secure Act Regulations
  3. Review Key Changes under the Secure Act
  4. What is an Eligible Designated Beneficiary?
  5. New Minimum Required Distribution Rules
  6. Learn IRS Definitions of “see-through trusts,” conduit trusts” and “accumulation trusts”
  7. Review proposed regulations for minor, surviving spouse and disabled or chronically ill beneficiaries
  8. Learns which transactions are prohibited and may disqualify qualified retirement accounts.
  9. Exceptions to 10% penalties on early withdrawals from qualified retirement accounts
  10. Review of planning options to preserve tax deferral


Justin M. Gilbert, Esq.

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Justin M. Gilbert, Esq.

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