Pre-Foreclosure Plan and Post-Foreclosure Issues (On-Demand) (RETIRED)

An asset manager working for a large lender or special servicer gets handed a file marked “DEFAULTED LOAN” and they call you for help. They may not know your state’s laws or even where to begin. Mistakes can happen if the file is not handled the right way. Imagine you send a default letter to the wrong address because you failed to read the Notice provision in the mortgage and your entire case gets reversed for improper Notice, or that you foreclose on the wrong property because the legal description in your complaint was incorrect, or that you missed a large lienholder that you needed to name in your lawsuit. This live webinar will help you create a checklist of items that cannot be missed. It will help you issue spot or even find lost money your client never knew existed. Foreclosing on a multi-million dollar asset can be costly if mistakes are made. Join us to learn how to properly navigate through the process or even hone your foreclosure skills.