Protecting Trade Secrets when Sharing with Others (On-Demand)

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Your company’s confidential information, trade secrets, and know-how are often what sets it apart from competitors. Yet you routinely need to work with and share your company’s information with others outside your company to grow and thrive: contractors, vendors, consultants, distributors, and other business partners.  This 1-hour CLE will discuss practical strategies to protect your company’s most valuable assets—its intellectual property.


  1. Put a Plan in Place to Protect Confidential Information.
  2. Define What Information Will Be Sent or Accepted.
  3. Establish at Least Reasonable Measures of Protection:
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements (“NDAs”)
    • Confidentiality & Trade Secret Labels
    • Documentation / Logbooks
    • Limit Access
    • Employee Training
    • Require NDAs
    • Secure Storage & Passwords
    • Exit Interviews
    • Audits
    • Document Destruction
  4. Follow Through on Your Plan


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Brandon Blackwell, Esq., Jason Balich, Esq.

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