Resolving Federal Tax Controversies: Audits, Appeals and Litigation (On-Demand)

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This course will provide attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents with a comprehensive and practical guide to navigating an IRS audit, understanding the IRS Appeals process and how to select the appropriate venue to litigate a tax claim. The course will discuss recent changes regarding the IRS Independent Office of Appeals, alternative dispute resolution options and the importance of preserving the attorney-client privilege and maintaining confidentiality when providing tax advice.


  • IRS Audits
  • IRS Appeals
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Tax litigation and venue selection
  • Privilege Communications


  1. IRS Audit
      • Audit Selection
      • Scope of audit and discovery
      • 30-Day Letter
  2. IRS Appeals
      • Written Protest
      • Hearing
      • 90-Day letter
  3. Alternative Dispute Resolution
      • Pre-Filing
      • Post-Filing
      • Post Exam
  4. Tax Litigation – Venue Selection
      • United States Tax Court
      • United States District Court
      • United States Court of Federal Claims
  5. Privilege Communications
      • Attorney-Client Privilege
      • Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner Privilege


Richard Nessler, Esq.

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Richard Nessler, Esq.

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