Returning to the Office: Next Steps for Navigating Vaccine Mandates, State COVID Laws and COVID EEO Issues (On-Demand)

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As COVID numbers are stabilizing and many employers are transitioning employees back to the office, this course will provide legal considerations and practical guidance for navigating vaccine mandates, varying state COVID laws, and COVID EEO Issues


  1. Status of Federal Vaccine Mandates After Supreme Court Rulings
  2. Private Employer Vaccine Mandates After OSHA ETS Blocked
  3. Returning to the Office Strategies
  4. Requests to Telework
  5. Long-Haul COVID as a disability
  6. COVID Retaliation


Ronda B. Esaw, Esq. and Theresa A. Queen, Esq.

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Ronda B. Esaw, Esq., Theresa A. Queen, Esq.

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