Social Security’s Decision-Making Process (On-Demand)

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Learn the basics about how Social Security determines if someone is entitled to receive disability benefits.  This course will cover the definition of disability that must be met to receive benefits and will also walk you through, not only the procedural steps of the claim process, but also the disability analysis used by adjudicators to evaluate if the definition of disability is met.  At the end of the course, you will have the basic information needed to formulate a successful argument for your claimant.


  1. Social Security’s definition of Disability
  2. SGA, substantial gainful activity – Social Security’s evaluation of work activity
  3. Reliable avenues to successfully argue that a claimant is disabled
  4. SSA’s 5 Step Sequential Process
  5. Vocational analysis involved in a SS Disability claim
  6. Types of evidence and how they impact the claim



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Jonathan Ginsberg, Esq., Lindsay Osterhout, Esq.

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