Suing Foreign Patent Infringers (On-Demand)

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A foreign company sees your success in the U.S. market and copies your product, infringing your U.S. patent in the process. How do you make them stop? This 1-hour CLE will discuss practical strategies to initiate the process from sending cease and desist letters to bringing an action at the International Trade Commission.


  1. Start with a cease and desist letter: what they are and what they should contain to be effective.
  2. If a letter doesn’t work, decide where to file your infringement action:
    • Pros and cons of filing a complaint at the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC)
    • Pros and cons of filing a complaint with as U.S. District Court
  3. Strategies for serving the complaint and summons – a critical step to avoid dismissal of the lawsuit
  4. Litigation and settlement discussions from there are just like any other case.


Alexandra Kim, Esq.

Jason Balich, Esq.

Michael Albert, Esq.

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Alexandra Kim, Esq., Jason Balich, Esq., Michael Albert, Esq.

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