Tax Law Logic for Non-Tax Lawyers (On-Demand)

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Nothing can be said to be certain, except Death and Taxes” – Benjamin Franklin

It seems Ben was never more right, given the ubiquity of taxes as a consideration in just about all areas of the law.

While we lawyers are often familiar with various provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, Regulations and various kinds of rulings, this Webinar focuses on the logic that underlies and pervades the application of tax law to provide better insight and analysis when engaged in such consideration.


  • Familiarize you with bedrock tax law principles and terminology.
  • Illuminate governing Internal Revenue Code provisions.
  • Provide a conceptual framework for evaluating tax transactions and tax attributes.
  • Identify the basics of evidentiary standards for tax contests.


  1. Introduction
  2. Constitutional Backdrop
  3. Goals of Tax Law
  4. Taxation Structure
  5. Fundamental Doctrines
  6. Transactional Considerations
  7. Practical Effects
  8. Contest Constraints
  9. State & Local Tax Issues
  10. Conclusion


Morris A. Nunes, Esq.

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Morris A. Nunes, Esq.

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