The Biggest Cybersecurity Threat of All: Human Behavior – How to Build a Security First Culture to Protect Your Law Firm (On-Demand)

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Your firm’s cybersecurity is only as strong as your weakest link: your employees. 95% of all successful cyber breaches are due to human behavior. Human behavior is the biggest threat to your firm’s cybersecurity, and this webinar will show you how to address that threat. You’ll learn how to educate and train your team so that they help rather than hurt your cybersecurity. With these strategies, you can create a security-first culture that will help your firm survive and thrive in the face of the cyber pandemic.


  1. Learn why human behavior is your biggest cybersecurity threat
  2. Discover best practices for reducing human error
  3. Learn how to create a culture of security awareness
  4. Uncover strategies around protecting your firm from cyber attacks


Douglas Brown, Esq.

Tom Kirkham

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Douglas Brown, Esq., Tom Kirkham

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