The Evolution of Speech Recognition Software: You Won’t Believe How Good It Has Become (On-Demand)

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Lawyers have to draft pleadings and documents, capture time entries in accounting software, respond to emails, and enter case-related information into a file (or case management system). All of those things typically involve a keyboard, and unfortunately, many lawyers just aren’t good typists. Years ago, it was common for support staff to handle such things. But today, a high percentage of lawyers have limited or no access to support staff simply due to the cost. As a result, today’s lawyers have to be far more self-reliant in the generation of work product. Thankfully, speech recognition technology can resolve these issues. You talk, and the software types exactly what you’re saying. This technology can be used for automatic transcription, time entries, and any drafting task without ever touching a keyboard. Speech recognition has definitely arrived, and this seminar shows you how it works and what you need to incorporate it into your practice.  In this presentation we’ll primarily focus on the popular Dragon Professional software application. We’ll cover:


  1. Introduction to speech recognition, why it’s needed, and how it works.
  2. Types of software
  3. Hardware and Installation
  4. Functions and Applications


Barron K. Henley, Esq.

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Barron K. Henley, Esq.

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