The Modern Trust (On-Demand)

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Course Description

This course will discuss drafting in the context of new law, changing estate tax exclusion amounts, modern families, and more complex asset holdings.


  • Family Dynamics are more complex than ever and play a role in documents are drafted
  • State and Federal Law changes allow for and require practitioners to take their drafting to the next level


  1. What do you mean – Modern Trust?
  2. Family Dynamics have changed!
  3. Modern Family Planning
  4. Modern Assets are different
  5. What is our Job?
  6. Family Harmony
  7. Goals-Based Planning
  8. Legacy Planning
  9. As attorneys, how do we do this?
  10. Before you Meet
  11. Counselors at Law
  12. Powerful Tools – Previously Underused
  13. Modern Statutory Flexibility
  14. Old Tools – New Twist
  15. New Tools – Let your planning shine!
  16. Pulling it all together


Darcy K. Houghton, Esq.

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Darcy K. Houghton, Esq.

General Credits