The New Markets Tax Credit: An Economic Catalyst for Low Income Communities for Pandemic Recovery and Beyond (On-Demand)

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The New Markets Tax Credit, Section 45D of the Internal Revenue Code, was enacted in 2000 as a way to attract private investment into low-income communities that often struggle with obtaining financing through conventional means. Unemployment numbers among low-income persons and empty storefronts in low-income communities continue to grow as a result of COVID-19 Pandemic, but the New Markets Tax Credit can help. This presentation will showcase the power of the New Markets Tax Credit and stress its importance in the current economic climate. It will also display the ability of projects utilizing New Markets Tax Credits to obtain a potential subsidy to the borrower of approximately 20% or more.


  1. Why New Markets Tax Credits over conventional?
  2. Is my project attractive to New Markets Tax Credit Lenders and how can I make it more attractive?
  3. Who are the major players?
  4. What are some key points of interest for New Markets Tax Credit Lenders?
  5. New Markets Tax Credits as a way to combat Covid 19 unemployment and blight
  6. Structuring a New Markets Tax Credit Transaction
  7. What other types of financings can work in conjunction with NMTCs?


Julia Fendler, Esq.

Trey Parker, Esq.

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Julia Fendler, Esq., Trey Parker, Esq.

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