The Paperless Law Firm - A Digital Dream (On-Demand)

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Years ago, a firm moving to a paperless practice was considered revolutionary. Today, it’s no longer uncommon. Many of your competitors may have already gone paperless, giving them the “edge”, they need to stand out in the crowd. If you’ve always wanted to become paperless or, at least have less paper but didn’t know how, this program is for you. Now is the time to move toward your paperless practice.


  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Lower Costs
  • Decrease Stress
  • Increase Staff Morale
  • Bill More Hours
  • Provide Better Client Service


  1. Enhance Efficiency
      • Not having to get up to search for files, look through “file-piles”, and file stacks of paper greatly enhances efficiency
  2. Lower Costs
      • Sacrificing fewer trees at the printer and copier alters greatly reduces paper, hardware, and support staff costs and overhead.
  3. Decrease Stress
      • Pushing, organizing, filing, and searching for paper day in and day out creates staff monotony and stress. Eliminating the paper helps alleviate the stress.
  4. Increase Staff Morale
      • No one likes to file or stand in line at the copier while deadlines loom. Less paper equals happier staff.
  5. Bill More Hours
      • Accessing files anywhere, any time and at the click of a keyboard allows for quick access and location-independent review. Bill more time, make more money.
  6. Provide Better Client Service
      • Impress your clients by having instant access to their files and thus instant answers. They’ll be impressed and so will you! The best time to go paperless was yesterday, but if you didn’t then the second-best time is now. Join us to learn about policies, procedures, systems, and software to set your practice on the path to the digital paper dream.


JoAnn L. Hathaway

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JoAnn L. Hathaway

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