Tips for Drafting and Litigating Issues Pertaining to Commercial Lease Agreements (On-Demand)

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In this course, participants will obtain an overview of the current laws relating to the negotiation and litigation of commercial agreements with a concentration on the laws of the State of New Jersey which is one of the more progressive jurisdictions in the nation on this topic. Specifically, this course will be broken into two segments during the 90-minute presentation with the first segment covering a discussion of the laws pertaining to the construction and interpretation of commercial lease agreements as well as the laws pertaining to particular topics that are typically of concern to both landlords and tenants. Lease drafting considerations will also be examined. The second part of the presentation will involve a discussion and display of an actual pro forma commercial lease agreement with an examination of particular issues and clauses that commonly confront commercial landlords and tenants.


  1. Review current laws pertaining to commercial lease agreements relating to the construction and litigation of particular issues
  2. Review a pro forma commercial lease to demonstrate and analyze various issues, clauses, and language frequently used in a commercial lease agreement


Kenneth W. Biedzynski, Esq.

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Kenneth W. Biedzynski, Esq.

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