Title 101: Understanding the Title Commitment and Endorsements (On-Demand)

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This course is a comprehensive explanation of the Title Commitment, that includes practice tips on how to clear exceptions from title and an in-depth discussion of how to handle questions related to vesting of real estate, homestead termination and proper documentation for corporations, trusts and other entities.


  1. What is Title and why is it important
  2. What insurance is being provided
  3. Schedule A
    • The 5 “W’s” of real estate
    • Who is vested
    • Who is taking title
    • When is the commitment effective
    • What is the legal description being transferred
    • Why are we transferring it
    • Where is it located
  4. Schedule BI
    • Requirements
      • What has to be done by whom in order for us to insure
      • What happens if it isn’t done
      • Who is responsible for fulfilling the requirements
  5. Schedule BII
    • General Exceptions
      • How to get insurance over them
    • Special exceptions
      • What are they
      • Can they be removed
      • What is the impact if they aren’t
  6. Endorsements
    • What do they do
    • When should they be requested
    • What needs to be done in order to get them


Brad Hoeschen

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Brad Hoeschen

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