Understanding the Expanded Scope of Practice for Athletic Trainers (Based on Ohio law) (On-Demand)

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This course will focus on the expanded scope of practice for athletic trainers in Ohio. It will compare and contrast the scope of practice in Ohio versus other states as well as discuss national trends and laws, including the Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Law.

Additionally, attendees will learn about how the scope of practice differs for athletic trainers with collaboration agreements differs from Athletic trainers without a collaboration agreement and how the expanded scope of practice may allow for athletic trainers to practice in new ways, including in occupational settings. Attendees will learn the requirements of collaboration agreements as well as the duties and responsibilities of the athletic trainer and the collaborating physician.

Finally, attendees will learn of an expanded pool of referral sources for athletic trainers and the requirements for maintaining standard operating procedures.


  1. Expanded Scope of Practice for Athletic Trainers
  2. Collaboration agreements
  3. Referral Sources
  4. National trends for Athletic Trainers


LaTawnda Moore, Esq.

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LaTawnda Moore, Esq.

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