What Can Employers Expect from the Next Two Years of the Biden Administration? (On-Demand)

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Almost two years into President Biden’s Administration and with a Democratic House and Senate but conservative Court being our current reality, significant employment law changes are being debated. Join FordHarrison partner Jacki Thompson to hear how President Biden’s promise to be the “most pro-union president ever” is affecting employers. Topics will include the NLRB General Counsel’s effort to increase remedies and the use of injunctions, as well as potential forthcoming changes to employer handbooks, independent contractors, joint employment, and other labor and employment issues.

This course is designed for anyone advising employers in the ever-changing employment and labor law landscape. Once complete, you will have a better understanding of what changes the Biden Administration has been able to enact and what changes are likely on the horizon.


  1. Discuss employment and labor law changes that have been implemented since President Biden was inaugurated.
  2. Identify newly enacted Executive Orders.
  3. Discuss recent Supreme Court decisions that affect employers.
  4. Predict potential employment and labor law changes that are on the horizon.


Jacquelyn L. Thompson, Esq.

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Jacquelyn L. Thompson, Esq.

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