What’s the Myth? Piercing the Corporate Veil (On-Demand)

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This is a practical course for litigators on the subject of piercing the corporate veil. The prevailing myth is that it is nearly impossible to pierce the corporate veil.  Many courts perpetuate that myth by paying homage to the sanctity of limited liability by writing that piercing the corporate veil is a “drastic remedy” that should be invoked only in “extraordinary circumstances.”  The reality is that attempts to pierce the veil succeed in 40-50% of the cases. This course examines why that myth continues today, explains the evolution of the piercing doctrine, and offers practical advice to those considering asking a court to invoke the equitable remedy of piercing the corporate veil.


  1. Review the development of corporations as separate entities
  2. Growth of the doctrine of limited liability
  3. Development of the myth that it is nearly impossible to pierce the corporate veil
  4. Theories of piercing the corporate veil
  5. Factors considered in piercing the corporate veil
  6. Burden of proof
  7. Pleading a corporate veil claim
  8. Applicability of the doctrine to non-shareholders
  9. Ethical issues
  10. Reverse piercing
  11. Other claims for relief 


Mark Cohen, Esq.

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Mark Cohen, Esq.

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