Writing a Winning Summary Judgment Brief (On-Demand)

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What you need to know to write an effective Summary Judgment (and other…) brief. What helps, what hurts, what to do, and what to avoid.


  1. What’s Your Point? First Know What You Want to Argue
  2. The Difference Between Saying It Right and Saying It Just Right Is The Difference Between A Lightning Bug and Lightning
  3. Turn Signals – Headings Are Important – Use Them
  4. Write For Your Audience
  5. Pour the Water into A Glass – Context First
  6. Introductions and Conclusions Matter
  7. How To Win and How to Defeat Summary Judgment Motions
  8. Persuasive Use of Legal Authority
  9. Grammar, Spelling, and Blue Book Compliance Count
    1. Passive Voice and Other Horrible Things That Can Be Done!
    2. Pronouns
    3. Name Calling and Other Ways to Lose!
    4. Win With Short, Simple, Declarative Sentences
  10. Your Big Words Do Not Impress Me – Or Anyone Else


Louis R. Cohan, Esq.

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Louis R. Cohan, Esq.

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